Guest speakers included Professor Hangwelani Magidimisha – Chipungu who is an academic in the Department of Town and Regional Planning, University of KZN. She is also the Chief Editor of her own journal, “Journal for inclusive Cities.” In providing the message of support, her focus was mainly on discipline, passion, consistency and focus. She reiterated her story in the field of Town Planning as follows; “In my field, innovation is often seen as the ability to create value for use by others, and this has been my strategy when reaching out to others. One of my innovative interventions focuses on ways to enable a greater number of students to complete their master’s degree programmes in a relative short period of time, while still in keeping with university regulations”. “The approach of group supervision removed the element of solitude among students, and helped to boost their morale.”

Mr. Khetha Zulu, Chairperson of S.A Town Planners Council advised planners that there was no one “size - fits all” method for starting out in the property industry. His advise to all graduates and professionals is to “get as broad an understanding of property as you can early on in your career, in order to develop your knowledge of property processes”. He also said that if people are interested in Planning he would advise them to learn more about residential developments, refurbishment or regeneration, retail planning and the environmental impact of developments.

MEC Jomo Sibiya, who marked his first 100 days in office last week, stressed the mantra of “speed, efficiency and service delivery”. In his remarks, he encouraged the youth to “have a permanent stake in digitally and physically shaping their future city and environment for the better”. He expressed the need for greater creativity from the youth and advised them to “be vocal in order to change the status quo”.


Last modified on Tuesday, 29 June 2021
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