Municipal Finance Management Act, 2003 (Act No. 56 of 2003)

 The Act seeks to secure sound and sustainable management of the financial affairs of municipalities and other institutions in the local sphere of government. The Act also establishes treasury norms and standards for the local sphere of government.

Corruption Act, 1994 (Act No.  94 of 2004) as amended / repealed

The Act provides for the strengthening of measures to prevent and combat corruption and corrupt activities. The Act further provides for:

  • the offence of corruption and offences relating to corrupt activities;
  • investigative measures in respect of corruption and related corrupt activities;
  • the establishment and endorsement of a Register in order to place certain restrictions on persons and enterprises convicted of corrupt activities relating to tenders and contracts;
  • placing a duty on certain persons holding a position of authority to report certain corrupt transactions; and
  • extraterritorial jurisdiction in respect of the offence of corruption and offences relating to corrupt activities.

Expropriation Act, 1951 as repealed by Act No. 63 of 1975

 The Act provides for the expropriation of land and other property for public and certain other purposes.

National Heritage Resources Act, 1999 (Act No. 25 of 1999)

The Act introduces an integrated and interactive system for the management of the national heritage resources. The Act also aims to promote good governance at all levels, and empower civil society to nurture and conserve their heritage resources so that they may be bequeathed to future generations.

Standards Act, 1993 (Act No. 29 of 1993)

The Act provides for the promotion and maintenance of standardization and quality in connection with commodities and the rendering of services, and for that purpose to provide for the continued existence of the South African Bureau of Standards, as the national institution for the promotion and maintenance of standardization, and control thereof by a Council.

State Land Disposal Act, 1961 (Act No. 48 of 1961)

The Act provides for the disposal of certain State land and for matters incidental thereto, and to prohibit the acquisition of State Land by prescription.