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Housing Programmes

Programme 1: Administration

This programme undertakes to provide strategic leadership, effective management and improvement of business processes and systems, as well as improved inter-governmental relations in order to ensure that the key strategic objectives are met. It is through effective strategic planning and active monitoring of expenditure trends as well as improvements on the Department's information management, IT governance, IT infrastructure and reporting systems that this Department provides for a supportive and enabling environment to improve service delivery. Of relevance to this programme is Outcome 12, namely: An efficient, effective and development orientated public service and an empowered, fair and inclusive citizenship.

Outcome 12 covers the following key strategic areas:

  • Service Delivery Quality and Access
  • Human Resource Management and Development
  • Business process, systems, decision rights and accountability
  • Corruption tackled effectively
  • Citizen Participation

Key focus areas over the next five years include sound financial management and the provision of skilled human capital as well as healthy and sound human resources.

Programme 2: Housing Needs, Planning and Research

The strategic trust of this Programme is to ensure that housing development is undertaken in an integrated and sustainable manner. The promotion and implementation of sound planning principles is therefore pivotal for the creation of sustainable human settlements with strengthened capacity and the effective development of policies that support and facilitate housing delivery. Strategic mandates that govern this programme include amongst others, the PSEDS, PGDP, the comprehensive plan "Breaking New Ground" for housing delivery and Outcome 8. The programme provides for the facilitation and integration of housing sector planning in all sectors, education of stakeholders in housing sector planning, alignment of the housing budget with the current and future housing needs, and the capacitation of housing stakeholders for housing delivery through mentorship and training.

Programme 3: Housing Development

The programme is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of human settlement developments / projects through the various subsidy mechanisms in terms of natioanl and provincial policy provisions.The main objective of Programme 3 is to promote effective and efficient housing delivery. The bulks of this programme provides for various housing subsidies. The subsidy programmes implemented includes amongst others: FLISP, ISU, IRDP, emergency housing, social housing, recification, social and economic facilities and rural housing. The EPWP incentive grant which aims to create temporary work opportunities and a transfer of skills to the unemployed also falls under this programme.

Programme 4: Housing Asset Management, Property Management

The objective of this programme is to provide for the effective management of housing stock in the ownership of government. This programme therefore co-ordinates the maintenance of the departmental rental housing stock , the refurbishment of the old hostels and the conversion thereof to community residential units, the erection of new community residential units , the rectification of units built prior to 1994 and the transfer of rental housing stock to qualifying beneficiaries in terms of the Extended Enhanced Discount Benefit Scheme (EEDBS).